Gentle Dental Treatment – Preventing Tooth Pain

Paige Woods, DDS: Pain is a huge part of dentistry. Unfortunately patients come to me every day, terrified. They can’t even hear what I’m saying. Their so scared and they haven’t sat in a dental chair for fifteen, twenty plus years because something has happened in their lives. Another dental appointment that has hurt them.

Ever since then they can’t force themselves to come until they’re suffering from some sort of pain or infection and that’s what brings them in. My job is to show them how I understand. I’ve been there. I too have had horrible experiences and from that has made me a better dentist because I can relate.

So that’s my number one goal. Instill trust. Show them that they are in a safe environment. We do a lot of things to provide a very calm, soothing environment. Utilizing aroma therapy. We also utilize magnets. We put them in places for pain management and anxiety and that already starts to show the patient that we care. We take time to address this concern of theirs and we take it at their pace.

So that’s on a physiological level but there is also the physical level of pain management. We also have the latest technology for high speed drills that we can take down to a slow speed so we can, if the decay is found early enough which we have the tools to do that, then we can remove it without the use of anesthetics. If anesthetics are needed then we have PH neutral anesthetics that the patient doesn’t feel. It starts from when they first come in and sit down we have a discussion and help to put their concerns to rest but we have to take it at their pace.

Interviewer: I can imagine it’s hard for patients to trust just what you’re saying but I do read the reviews and I believe what you say really do manifests because most patients are saying they had a good experience.

Paige Woods, DDS: Yes. Our reviews are our badge of honor. So you don’t have to trust what I’m saying. You can read the reviews and I hope that they will come in with an open mind and an open heart to dentistry and to a new experience.