Benefit from truly holistic dental care, the many differences that add up to a better smile, healthier you

At Brighton Dental, we see you. The whole you. To Dr. Paige Woods and our holistic dentistry practice in San Diego, California, we know that you are more than a set of teeth and gums. And we account for this fundamental principle in everything we do, from the materials applied to rebuild broken teeth to the instruments used to treat or keep your smile looking and feeling its healthy best. All procedures, services, products, materials, and technologies should enhance your health and not pose additional risks or undesirable side effects. This philosophy is at the heart of holistic- or biologically-minded practices. And we are proud to provide a true, genuine alternative to conventional techniques and approaches. 

The holistic difference 

Too often, dentistry has focused on reacting to disease. Not so here. Our team is proactive. We want to get ahead of problems. Furthermore, we are optimally equipped to do so because our team gets to know you. We can anticipate and address any risk factors that you may have, which generally involves staying on top of any changes to your overall health status or to your life in general. Authentic holistic practices are also: 

  • Mercury-free – We do not use amalgam fillings or any dental materials that contain mercury. Amalgam fillings to repair cavities are, on average, around 50% mercury by weight. A known toxin, mercury, has no place at our office. Instead, we restore teeth with materials such as composite resin and ceramics. These metal-free materials are safe, appropriate for patients with allergies and sensitivities, and look like natural teeth!
  • Mercury-safe – We take the above point a step further; Dr. Woods has also invested in training on special procedures and equipment to minimize mercury exposure risks during the amalgam filling removal process. Not all mercury-free, holistic practices are also mercury-safe. Our use of everything from protective garments to sophisticated filters helps to prevent the tiny particulate matter and gases released during the filling removal process from adversely affecting patients, staff, and our community and planet. 
  • Committed to patient comfort and safety – Our use of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies helps to ensure effective treatment, optimal results, and overall patient satisfaction. These technologies range from natural, healing ozone therapy to painless laser dentistry.

We encourage you to experience real holistic dentistry for yourself. At Brighton Dental, terms like “holistic,” “biocompatible,” or “biological” are not just trendy or in-fashion; they are the core. These principles guide all that we do and offer. Call (619) 831-8559 to schedule your visit to our San Diego, CA office. Better health awaits!