Laser “power” whitening dramatically lightens the color of your teeth – without the wait!

At the holistic practice of Brighton Dental in San Diego, California, we make even stubborn stains disappear! The magic is in using powerful whitening gels formulated with clinically-proven effective and safe bleaching ingredients. As professionals, dentists like our own Dr. Paige Woods have access to concentrated gels that get noticeable whitening results when OTC strips, kits, and other products fail to live up to their promises. Plus, as a dental professional, Dr. Woods assures the utmost comfort and safety at every step of the process. She ensures the whitening treatment is tailored to your needs, preferences, and goals. 

Laser teeth whitening 

By partnering with a holistic or biological dentistry practice, there is considerable peace of mind. We selectively use only the most biocompatible (safe, non-toxic, and tissue-friendly) materials and technologies. Additionally, Dr. Woods has invested in an array of state-of-the-art tools to elevate your experience at the dentist’s office. These tools include laser systems. While lasers have multiple applications for dentistry, they are particularly attractive when used in cosmetic dentistry to support dramatic and fast teeth whitening. 

This form of laser-assisted or light-based whitening is often referred to as “in-office” or “chairside” whitening because it is performed quickly from our office. Other alternative treatments whiten the teeth gradually, over several days or weeks. With laser “power” whitening, you can whiten your teeth by many shades in just one visit. That’s it! You can arrive at our office with stubborn or dark yellow, brown, or otherwise discolored teeth and leave with a healthy, vibrant-looking smile and renewed confidence. Such super-fast and dramatic results may be yours in around one hour.

The process 

As with all holistic dental treatments, we start with a thorough evaluation of your teeth and mouth. If Dr. Woods confirms that your teeth and gums are healthy and that you are an appropriate candidate for office laser teeth whitening, she will begin treatment by protecting the surrounding gums, lips, and tissues from the bleaching gel. With the teeth isolated and the neighboring tissues protected, she precisely and evenly applies the concentrated whitening gel to the teeth. Dr. Woods directs the laser toward the teeth to activate the whitening gel. This combination of light-activated, powerful whitening ingredients and the energy produced by the laser speed up the treatment process. So, you really can transform the color of your teeth in a single appointment – no wait!

As holistic partners in your health, Brighton Dental will also work with you to keep your teeth looking their healthy and dazzling best. Call (619) 831-8559 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Woods at our office in San Diego, CA.