Natural Dentistry


In an ideal state of wellness, structures within the body work in harmony, supported by proper nutritional processes. In modern culture, that balance is disrupted by external factors, diet, and the burden toxins place on all internal systems. In many cases, that originates with the mouth. It sounds simple, yet countless individuals suffer chronic pain and illness. They may find temporary relief in treating symptom, but aren’t getting the assistance they need to unearth and address underlying oral problems. Dr. Paige Woods has devoted her career as a dentist to being the trusted source in San Diego for natural and holistic dental information, answers, and solutions.


Holistic or biological dentistry is not at odds with conventional dentistry. Rather, a biological approach takes time-tested knowledge of dentistry and human anatomy, then applies the least toxic/most beneficial materials and methods available. The focus is on caring for the whole person, rather than fixing a tooth or maintaining oral health alone. Holistic dentistry brings together the insight of the founding fathers of medicine, science, and nutrition. By preventing and solving oral issues with this natural approach, Dr. Paige Woods and her team at Brighton Dental bring new hope and improved health to patients in the San Diego area and far beyond.


Nearly every dentist enters the field with a desire to help others. As you might imagine, the concepts described above are core to most biological dental practices. Yet the natural holistic dentistry approach takes compassion and holism to the next level ,with innovative techniques. Here are just a few examples:

  • Highest standards of safety for removal of amalgam fillings.
  • Mercury-free, metal-free, and fluoride-free treatments.
  • Zirconia dental implants.
  • Surgical extraction of dead teeth and root canal teeth.
  • Ozone therapies for natural disinfection and faster healing.
  • Scientific bite evaluation.
  • Oral appliance therapy to address TMJ dysfunction, headaches, breathing disorders, sleep problems, and more.
  • “The Brighton Secret,” a daily home care regimen developed by Dr. Paige Woods to preserve oral health.

Proper Structure + Good Nutrition – Toxicity = Physical Health

At Brighton Dental, we bring a natural dental health formula to life. Call 619-640-5100 to begin your personal journey to improved wellness through biological oral health.