Heal diseased gums with painless, proactive, and conservative holistic dentistry

The condition of your gums can help or hinder the health and aesthetics of your smile. Gingival tissue “frames” the teeth and, in turn, heavily contributes to a pleasing smile. These soft tissues also protect and support the teeth. So, our team at Brighton Dental strives to partner with valued patients from across San Diego, Carlsbad, and greater Southern California to keep these vital tissues in top shape! Furthermore, you can trust our holistic team, led by Dr. Paige Woods, to promptly, precisely, safely, and comfortably treat periodontal (gum) disease. We provide an array of advanced, holistic dentistry-friendly treatments. The best therapy for your situation depends on factors not limited to the “stage” or severity of the disease, as early-stage gingivitis primarily requires different interventions than later-stage periodontitis. 

Treatments for every mouth

As with all services available at our practice, treatment starts with routine visits. During your exam, Dr. Woods evaluates the health of the gums that surround your teeth. Periodontal pockets or spaces between the teeth and gums help us to “stage” or to determine the extent of gum disease. We use special instruments to gently measure the pockets, which grow larger as the disease progresses and the gums further recede or pull away from the teeth. In its earliest stages, gingivitis, characterized as gingival inflammation, may be resolved, and its effects may even be reversed with nonsurgical interventions. 

These interventions include modifications to hygiene, as well as professional cleanings. For otherwise healthy patients who do not smoke or who do not have other risk factors for gum disease, the “standard” cleaning (scheduled once every six months) may be sufficient to restore firm, healthy tissue. More frequent cleanings may be necessary for others with active disease or risk factors. These individuals may also be candidates for a “deep cleaning.” This service, known as “scaling and root planing,” removes harmful bacterial plaque, stubborn tartar (accumulated plaque), and toxins from underneath the gum line and at the surface of the roots. The root surface is also smoothed, which helps to minimize the overgrowth of bacteria and other substances responsible for gum disease and tooth decay.

Dental lasers and other light-touch and precision holistic techniques and technologies further aid in gently and conservatively removing pathogens and diseased tissues. We use these and other services, like ozone, to support painless and optimal healing and regeneration of gingiva. These services are largely alternatives to less conservative surgical procedures. As needed, Dr. Woods may prescribe antibacterial medications to fight infections and get you on the road to a happier, healthier smile. 

Gum disease may be characterized as redder-than-usual gums or “pink in the sink,” caused by bleeding when brushing and flossing – but not always. It is not unusual for gum disease to only present itself later in the disease process after the damage has been done. Call (619) 831-8559 today for trusted, proactive, holistic dental care. The Brighton Dental team in San Diego, CA, looks forward to your questions and meeting you!