Our preventative dentistry encourages natural healing and supports the “whole you” – not just a healthy mouth!

It is by no means unusual for patients to complain to Dr. Paige Woods that their teeth “feel fine,” yet something is “off.” They may be inexplicably tired, with sinus issues, and not feel like themselves. With a deeper dive and by using advanced “helpers,” such as CBCT 3-D imaging, Dr. Woods may uncover a problem lurking in the mouth. This could be an infection or abscess involving a root canal-treated tooth. Such conditions could be missed at other offices in San Diego and our slice of Southern California. These dentists may use less sophisticated, earlier-generation x-rays.

Preventative dentistry at Brighton Dental blends cutting-edge techniques and technologies with our intimate appreciation of the links between the health of the mouth and the health of the “rest of you” as a holistic office. In the above scenario, of course, a patient would feel exhausted! An infection may work its way through the bone and into the bloodstream. The immune system then goes into overdrive to fight off this infection. By removing the infected tooth and building up the treatment site for an implant to replace the lost tooth structure, we are resolving chronic issues affecting patients’ well-being and preventing further complications.

Ideally, we want to intervene before troubling symptoms arise, such as toothaches or a general feeling of being unwell. By far, the healthiest thing patients can do for themselves is partner with us on the 6-month check-up. A more frequent check-up may be necessary for patients with risk factors for conditions like gum disease.

During these visits, Dr. Woods evaluates the condition of your teeth and the supportive gums and tissues. She looks and feels for any lumps or imbalances that may indicate everything from pre-cancers to TM joint (TMJ) problems. For those areas of the mouth that cannot be accurately evaluated or seen with the human eye, Dr. Woods’ state-of-the-art diagnostics can catch issues like hidden areas of decay or infections.

Each visit would not be complete without a professional cleaning. Our talented and kind hygienists have the training and special tools to gently and precisely remove even stubborn plaque build-up for stain-free teeth and a healthy, beautiful, fresh mouth! We furthermore encourage natural, whole-body healing with the following:

  • Dental ozone, which may be incorporated into dental cleanings to eradicate bacteria among patients with active gum disease or deeper periodontal pockets
  • Materials that are hydrophilic and biocompatible to ensure the long-term health and safety of any restorative materials or treatments that are performed at our office
  • Drug-free sedation and relaxing techniques, like aromatherapy, support the most comfortable and pleasant experience
  • Gentle, tissue-preserving laser-assisted dentistry

As true partners, we also advise on “tooth-friendly” habits, behaviors, and food choices. Tailored suggestions on oral care products, nutrition, and even showing you ways to more effectively clean your teeth go far to protect the oral health that is so essential to overall health and well-being.

It is always best to stay ahead of the damage, as it can take years for your body to repair itself naturally. Sometimes, with continued consumption of things like acidic sodas, damaged areas may stay that way – or become worse. It does not have to be this way.

If you are due for a dental check-up or have noticed some concerning changes, call (619) 831-8559 without delay. Our team at Brighton Dental in San Diego, CA, looks forward to answering your questions and meeting you!