The 6-month checkup is by far the best preventive action that you can take to stop small problems from becoming big problems. A healthy diet, plenty of water, and minimal consumption of alcohol, caffeine and acidic drinks can help keep your teeth and gums naturally healthy. However, once the tooth is damaged, it will take your body years to naturally repair. If the body’s environment is an unhealthy constant bombardment of acidic fluid, the damaged areas may never be able to repair and can quickly become worse. 

By using multiple forms of detection, including visual, high-quality surface imaging, 3D scans, and bite pressure mapping, we are able to detect subtle infections or damage before they expand to the other healthy surfaces or teeth. 

As a holistic dentistry, our treatment plans focus on long-term whole-body healing. We also use the best in biocompatible materials to ensure that your body does not have an allergic reaction. We use hydrophilic material to make sure the material does not shrink and allow bacteria into the seam. Maintaining a healthy mouth is an important step to a healthier life.

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