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Cosmetic Dentistry
Biomimetic Dentistry

Today, holistic health has become increasingly embraced by the public, and as a result, dental treatments are taking a more patient-centered approach with the use of procedures that are less invasive than those used in the past. This kind of treatment is known as biomimetic dentistry, and Dr. Woods has integrated it into her dental treatments, both from a holistic, and cosmetic perspective. 

Biomimetic dentistry tries to avoid loss of tooth tissues and root canal by treating the teeth in a conservative way and using adhesive materials. says that biomimetic practice dictates that dentists recreate layers of natural teeth instead of removing the damaged or decayed tooth.  Therefore, the tooth is restored as much as possible to its natural state.


Why Visit Dr. Woods for Biomimetic Dentistry?

·         Dr. Woods is equipped with necessary materials, and technology to give you long-lasting dental restorations.

·         Dr. Woods is fully trained and highly experienced in performing biomimetic procedures. She has also researched on the treatment and is very adept with all the biomimetic techniques.

·         When it comes to dental health, less treatment is always better. Biomimetic dentistry is based on this principle hence seeks to restore diseased or damaged teeth in a less invasive way.

·         Rather than grinding the tooth down, Dr. Woods rebuilds it up, sealing and bonding it to ensure it doesn’t break in the future or get infected.

·         Dr. Woods’ principal objective is to ensure that you do away with crowns at all cost.


How Biomimetic Dentistry Prevents Root Canal Treatment

If the cavity on your tooth is incredibly vast, biomimetic dentistry can help you solve the issue. Biomimetics involves learning the function and structure of biological systems. Therefore, biomimetic dentistry involves copying the function and aesthetics of a natural tooth to replicate the materials used to replace the affected tooth.

A root canal treatment involves removing the affected pulp. Thorough cleaning of the interior is done, and a disinfectant is applied. Gutta-percha, a material made of rubber, is used to fill the tooth, and a crown is placed on it to seal the restoration. During the biomimetic procedure, Dr. Woods skillfully cleans the tooth after removing the decay up to the nerve then seals it in a painless manner.

The biomimetic process differs from a conventional root canal in that the dentist does not destroy the nerve but leaves the tooth alive unlike in traditional dentistry where the nerve is killed. This stops blood supply, thereby making a crown a necessity.

Well, patients might think that leaving some amount of decay would be dangerous. However, this is not true because sealing off the decay from the nerve prevents the supply of blood, meaning no more bacteria can survive in it.


Why is Biomimetic the Ideal Alternative?

The reason why biomimetic is the friendliest for the restoration of your teeth is that it seeks to restore the natural state of the teeth and avoids crushing it down. It uses new techniques that are pocket-friendly and patient-oriented. It leaves the teeth working well as it looks and functions like natural teeth.

Dr. Woods is dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and most conservative dental restoration solutions. She uses the less invasive biomimetic techniques and materials that preserve tooth structure. This helps avoid root canals as well as dental tissue losses.

Call 619-640-5100 and visit her today to experience a difference in the way your dental issues are handled.