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Dental Anxiety and Fear
The Wand (Painless Treatments)

The WAND Instead Of Traditional Dental Injections Means No Pain For You

If you're worried about pain from dental injections, there's no need to worry anymore. While these injections usually aren't as bad people think they're going to be, Dr. Woods is now using an alternative to traditional dental injections that's pain-free. The WAND computerized anesthetic is a device that carefully controls the flow rate and volume of anesthetic being injected to prevent pain and ensure complete safety.

Pain from dental injections and the anxiety that comes along with it are a thing of the past when the WAND is used.


How The WAND Work For You

dental wandThe way it works is simple: the device ensures a constant and very slow flow of numbing medication to make sure that pain from the injection is eliminated. Tissue density and other factors are taken into more careful consideration than a dentist can do without assistance, leading to a dramatic reduction in pain. You see, most pain from injections come from the anesthetic going into tissue too quickly.

In addition, the computer also makes sure that there's always a pathway of anesthetic directly in front of the needle, meaning that any area a needle enters is already numbed, and there is therefore no pain.

Ingenious, isn't it? And it's possible because of a device no larger than a desktop computer attached to a wand similar in size to a regular injection needle. But it doesn't look like a needle at all. And it certainly doesn't feel like one.

The WAND can be used on the face, lips and other muscles with ease. Even if injections don't really bother you, using the WAND improves the delivery of anesthetic for everyone, making sure it works faster too. That means you remain comfortable throughout the entire procedure. And because the dosage is carefully controlled, the effects of the anesthesia wear off quicker in many cases, meaning less lingering numbness.


Understanding More About This Remarkable System

Created by Milestone Scientific, Dr. Woods and the team here are finding this device to be a remarkable advancement in dental injections. We like calling it the WAND, although some are now calling it CompuDent or perhaps the Single Tooth Anesthesia or STA system, but since it works like a magic wand, we'll use that name for now. Whatever you call it, it's a big step forward.

We choose the WAND because:

      injections are more comfortable than with standard syringes

      you may not even know you're getting an injection

      eating right after a procedure without pain is usually possible

      no chance of lip or tongue damage from biting while numb

      easier to use on developmentally disabled patients

      less intimidating than traditional needles

      and more.

We're also pleased that using the WAND means immediate onset of numbing, and that means reduced time in the chair for you and the ability for us to serve more patients in a more efficient manner than ever before.

And you need not worry about the newness of the instrument. We've practiced extensively and have been using it for a while now, so we're right up to speed on how it works.

Dr. Woods looks forward to making your visit to her dental chair better than ever before, and the WAND is one of the many ways our office is working to make dentistry safer, less painful and more effective than ever before.

Have you been putting off a dental procedure because you don't like needles? It's time to move forward now.

Times have changed, and we have a magic wand now that can make dentistry easier for you than ever before. Why not contact us for that appointment at (619) 640-5100 now?