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3D Intraoral Camera

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New 3D Intraoral Scanner Provides A Better Impression Of Your Mouth Than Ever Before

The pioneering and exceptionally useful Carestream CS 3500 intraoral scanner is the simplest, easiest to use and more impactful intraoral scanner on the market, and this new technology is now available to help us provide better and more accurate crowns and other restorations with fewer hassles and less discomfort than ever before.carestream cs 3500 scanner

The days of messy and time-consuming impressions could soon be gone for good, thanks to this innovative technology available at our practice now.

And since it doesn’t have to be wheeled in on trolley or connected to a dedicated computer in only one location, there’s nothing to discourage us from using it to help you. Even better for you, there’s no powder and no traditional impression material needed, so you’ll find it a lot more comfortable and convenient than old-fashioned impressions.

The CS 3500 scanner is light, sleek and made especially for high-angle scanning of up to 45 degrees and to a depth of 16 mm, making the patient experience as comfortable as possible. A light guidance system navigates us through the process, allowing us to put our attention on you and your needs -- not on a computer monitor when getting the impression we need to do accurate work.

Using this device, we can also scan conventional impressions we’ve made and turn them into highly precise 3D models that can be used in milling crowns and other restorations. Because this device can serve as a bridge between traditional impressions and today’s digital world, it means we can offer patients like you the best of both worlds while we maintain a workflow that’s familiar for us so you get the best possible results.

This innovative new scanner integrated with our existing computer software for imaging, meaning we can keep all your records safely and securely in one place. This is exceptionally easy for us, meaning we can spend more time on patient care and less time dealing with redundant administrative tasks, and that’s great for everyone involved.

So how exactly does it work? There’s nothing complicated about the technology. It’s simply a high-tech scanner that connects to any laptop or desktop computer using a standard USB connection. This means we can move this device around and use it where we need it, so we aren’t moving computers or pushing around carts to bring this technology to you.

intraoral 3d scan

Easy to use for our right-handed and left-handed staff and with a light projection system that means we can keep our eyes on you instead of a monitor, the CS 3500 is a lightweight and simple way to capture the level of precision we need for accurate impressions and therefore accurate restorations.

When we put the device in Feedback mode, it uses two small, visible lights to tell us that we’re doing the scanning correctly. We see a green light when we’re doing things right and building a file of information about the inside of your mouth. We see a red light if we move too quickly or make other errors that result in a portion of a scan not being complete. That means we can instantly correct our technique to serve you better. In a minute or perhaps a bit more, we can capture all the information we need for an accurate impression of any area of the mouth.

There’s even a Guide mode that makes the process easy to teach to others in our office, increasing our ability to serve you at the highest level. This Guide mode will tell us if the scanner isn’t being used correctly to capture an area. And we can turn on Light Guidance to help us see exactly what we’re scanning and make sure we take in everything we need.

Even better, the full-color image captured can show us the difference between tissue and enamel or dentin, something we need to when working below the gum line so we can get the margins of the restoration completely accurate. This is far superior to old-fashioned monochrome systems and also allows us to take close-up, still and even full-color photos to go along with our scans so that lab techs can see exactly what we need them to make without questions or uncertainty.

All we have to do is chose your patient file, open some imaging software and get on with creating the image we need and saving it to your file. Then, we can use that scan in whatever ways are necessary to create your restoration. Nothing could be simpler for us, and that results in the best possible outcome for you.

With the CS 3500 intraoral scanner, we can get a digital impression quicker and easier than ever before. A full arch impress takes just two minutes. Simpler impressions take even less time. As a real-time, chair-side scanner that makes crowns and other restorations quicker, less painful and less of a hassle, it’s something new and very different that many dentists still don’t have. And that’s a game changer for us and for you as the patient. It’s the wave of the future in intraoral scanning as well as a great alternative to traditional messy and time-consuming impressions, and it’s available at our practice now.



In an effort to bring our patients the latest technology, and get the most accurate diagnostics, we now have the latest in intra-oral scanning, the DEXIS CariVU unit. With 1/10 the radiation of traditional x-rays, and a more comfortable, smaller mouthpiece, the unit allows us to catch dental issues early, providing less painful/invasive options. 

If you would like to take advantage of our 3D Scanning capabilities, call (619) 640-5100 for a free consultation with Dr. Paige Woods, DDS.