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Simple Tooth Extractions

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Tooth Extractions

If you have extreme sensitivity or advanced periodontal disease, it may be necessary to have a tooth extracted. A simple extraction involves having the dentist removed the affected tooth without any major surgery being involved.

Reasons for tooth extraction

There are a number of situations in which simple extraction can be helpful for getting ride of pain and getting you ready for a restorative or cosmetic procedure.

Common reasons for tooth extraction include:
  • Loosened tooth root because of advanced periodontal disease
  • Baby teeth that are impeding adult teeth
  • Preparation for orthodontic treatment
  • Removal of a malformed or fractured tooth
  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Tooth decay too bad to clear up with a root canal

How is a tooth extraction performed?

It starts with a preliminary x-ray of the tooth involved to help plan the right approach. After the extraction method is determined, you are given a local anesthetic so you do not feel any pain. Then, the dentist uses an elevator to lift up the tooth and loosen gum tissue and ligaments at the base. Using forceps, the dentist rocks the tooth until the breaks free of the ligaments and gum tissue. In some cases, a tooth may resist, refusing to come out easily. If this happens, the tooth is broken into small pieces for removal.

Once the tooth is removed, gauze is packed into the socket, and you must place pressure on the area for a while by biting down. When necessary, the dentist can close the socket with sutures. If you are ill the week before a scheduled extraction or on the day, contact our office. The procedure may need to be postponed.

If you believe you are in need of a tooth extraction, call (619) 640-5100 for a free consultation with Dr. Paige Woods, DDS.