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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency dentist: Dr. Paige Woods

There are very few dentists within the San Diego area that offer twenty-four seven emergency dentist care, and one of them is the experienced and well-trusted Dr. Paige Woods. Dr. Woods is available for people to come and get her expert opinion every single day of the year, including holidays and weekends, so that you can always have her reassurance and professional advice even when you would have thought she would be unavailable.

Her years of experience have come through many different branches of dental areas, including:
  • Trauma dentistry and emergency dental work
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Tooth extractions
  • Pain relief
  • Infection management and relief
  • Root canal therapy
  • Dental fillings required for cavity treatments
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Teeth whitening

Accidents happen – and when they do happen, they don’t happen in a tidy and convenient way. They are always messy! This is something that Dr. Woods fully appreciates, and she doesn’t expect her patients to come to her for help during Monday to Fridays between 9 and 5. A knocked out tooth can happen at a kids’ sporting event on a Friday night, and a loose crown can happen at Sunday roast – which is why Dr. Woods doesn’t ever put the ‘Closed’ sign up on her emergency dental relief. She is available at any time to support a patient that needs help. Dr. Woods knows all too well that leaving an accident will very quickly lead to infection, and the whole problem will get even worse than it originally was. She doesn’t want her patients to have to wait a few hours, or even a few days, before they can seek the reassurance and the dental care of their dentist. When something goes wrong they want to see a dentist now, and Dr. Woods completely understands that, which is why she has her open door policy: any time, any day, she will be there.

Depending on exactly what has happened, there are a variety of different emergency or trauma treatments that Dr. Woods will recommend. You can read about them on the specific pages of this website to learn a little more. If you think that you will require a particular type of treatment then you should contact Dr. Woods immediately. She will be able to tell you whether or not you need to come in and visit her. Some of the most common dental accidents that people will face are below, with a little information on what you should do on your way from the place of the accident to Dr. Woods’ practice:


Depending on how long the toothache has persisted for, you should take some pain relief and see whether the pain has disappeared after four hours. If the pain is still present, then you should go and talk to Dr. Woods. She will be able to examine you and discover the cause.

Bit cheek or tongue

Before you go to see Dr. Woods, rinse out your mouth with water two or three times to clean the area. You should also apply a cold compress to the area on the outside of your mouth, as this will reduce the amount of swelling that develops.

Knocked out tooth

As soon as you can, find your tooth! You should then hold the tooth carefully under running cold water, being careful to block up the sink in case you drop it. Do not scrub at the tooth in case you remove any vital tissues or ligaments that Dr. Woods can use to reattach your tooth. If you are able to, you should gently insert the tooth back into the socket where it came from, and then go straight to Dr. Woods. If you are not able to do this, then get a cup of milk and place the tooth in there. The wetness and the calcium will keep your tooth from drying out or ‘dying’. When it comes to knocked out teeth, time is vital, so get to Dr. Woods as soon as you can.

Cracked tooth

When you realise that you have cracked your tooth, rinse out your mouth with warm water straight away, and find a cold compress that you can place on your face to prevent the swelling from going overboard. Do nothing else to your teeth until you have seen Dr. Woods, and she will be able to help you.

Chipped tooth

If at all possible, find the chipped piece of tooth. In many cases this is simple not practical, but it would help Dr. Woods if you could find it. If you do, then keep it in a damp towel so that it does not dry out by the time that you get to see Dr. Woods.

Whatever it is that you are concerned about, Dr. Woods is always there to reassure you, and take a look at your teeth, so if what has happened to you does not appear in the above list, do not let that stop you from giving her a call at (619) 640-5100