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Lyme Disease & Non-Toxic Dentistry

Non-Toxic Dentistry And Lyme Disease: Strengthen Your Body To Fight Off Disease

systemic diseaseWhen your body is being impacted by Lyme disease, it's crucial that you strengthen it in every way possible so that your immune system can kick in and kick out the bacteria and disease that threaten you. At Brighton Dental, we work with your body's own healing mechanisms to help you conquer oral health problems and Lyme disease.

Lyme disease isn't just one thing. It's a diagnosis that means many things and has many implications. When you get a diagnosis of Lyme disease, it means that your body is being attacked by opportunistic infections that have become chronic and are negatively impacting your life. Through non-toxic dentistry, we can help enhance your immune system and help your body work for you rather than against you. Our holistic approach can make a real difference in your overall health not just your dental and oral health.

When you're dealing with Lyme disease, you're suffering from an imbalance in your body's ecosystem that makes it possible for the borrelia burgdorferi organism to flourish. You're probably also suffering from co-infections by other bacteria and organisms. Because of these things, you experience symptoms that impact nearly every system in your body.

No matter how your Lyme disease condition is progressing, the inflammation related to it can have a severe and debilitating impact on your mouth, gums, teeth and your health as a whole. Because Lyme disease causes problems throughout the body, we treat it holistically. That's the only approach that makes sense.


Everything Works Together

After all, the systems of your body all work together, so it makes sense that ridding yourself of any medical issue requires a whole-body approach that treats you comprehensively. Holistic, non-toxic dentistry is part of that. You don't need anything happening in your body that causes more inflammation. We can help with:

      Detoxifying treatments

      Nutritional programs

      Herbal preparations

      Enzyme treatment

      Emotional support

      Dietary adjustment advice

      Specific dental treatments to solve existing problems

      Homeopathic medicine
and more.

We understand that when your immune system is overwhelmed, dental issues can develop or worsen. And we understand that old-fashioned, toxic dentistry can increase inflammation, working against your body instead of with it.

Plus, you may have a genetic predisposition to holding toxins in your system, and you may have heavy metal toxicity, asymptomatic oral infections and other chronic conditions like diabetes that work alongside Lyme disease to weaken your body.

At Brighton Dental, we take everything into consideration as we treat your dental and oral health and your whole body.


Try Non-Toxic Dentistry For Better Overall Health

When we approach dental health holistically, we can put aside debates and concerns about how Lyme disease happens and how it should be treated. There's no reason to be concerned about whether alternative treatments work better than conventional therapies. Our goal is to deal with your dental health and improve your overall health in the process.

At Brighton Dental, we clear away the issues and problems that stand in your way of healing. There's no need to focus on killing any particular organism with drugs, herbs or anything else. Instead, we help you nourish and cleanse your body so it's in the best possible position to kick out Lyme disease.

Why not contact us now? The Brighton Dental team can take the lead in your journey toward better health by cleaning up and clearing up oral health issues caused by or aggravating Lyme disease and other conditions too. Let us play a role in building up your body for better overall health. Contact us now at (619) 640-5100 for a free consultation to determine how we can help you achieve better health and a better life.