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Orthodontics is a special subsection of dentistry that specializes in diagnosing, preventing and treating the jaw, the face and bite irregularities called malocclusions. When teeth don’t fit together correctly, it impacts not just the teeth themselves but the appearance of the face. Malocclusions are often inherited, but can happen because of thumb sucking or other conditions. Extractions can also cause malocclusions that can be corrected.

Orthodontists have two or three years more training that other dentists and keep up with changes in the industry involving orthodontic treatment. Today’s patients have healthier teeth than ever and want them to look and function properly too.

Through traditional braces, removable appliances and other devices and procedures, orthodontics can give patients like you the healthy, straight and beautiful teeth you want along with the complete function you’ve longed for. Why not schedule an orthodontic consultation right away?