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PRF Rapid Healing

Heal Better – And Faster – With This Natural And Amazing Option

Wouldn’t it be great if you could heal more quickly from extractions, implants, bone grafts and reconstructive dentistry – without having to rely on chemical additive or animal-derived compounds? With Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF), it’s possible – with none of the bovine thrombin you may have heard about in other products to assist in healing.

We take great care to ensure that we offer natural, biocompatible choices when making recommendations for your dental care and oral health treatment. Dental work often remains in your mouth for years or even decades, so biocompatibility is essential. And nothing is more natural than something that comes from your body in the first place.

To naturally support healing from dental surgical procedures, we have the option of creating PRF from a small sample of your own blood.


Understanding Platelet Rich Fibrin

Blood clotting is an essential part of healing, and both platelets and fibrin are involved in this process. Platelets are small components of blood that feature a rich supply of growth factors. Stimulating these factors in platelets allows clotting to begin.

As platelets from the blood arrive at an injury or surgical wound site, the clotting they cause stops bleeding. A substance is also released that allows the next phase of healing to begin. A series of biochemical reactions happen that speed up the development of clot-strengthening proteins called fibrin.

At Brighton Dental in San Diego, we can refine your own blood to create fibrin membranes to place over a surgical site to promote better, faster healing with less pain than ever before.

Since this fibrin membrane is made from cells in your own blood, it’s 100 percent compatible. Our PRF process includes no synthetic components or animal-derived products as some other would-healing treatments do.


Excellent For Extractions

Perhaps the most common usage of PRF is in supporting healing following a tooth extraction. We can place fibrin made from your blood over a surgical site before closing it with sutures. Protein-rich fibrin aids in the regeneration of soft tissue as well as hard tissue like bone. It also assists in the formation of capillaries, and this leads to increased blood flow to the extraction site.

PRF additionally helps reduce the risk of cavitation or a dry socket. Research has shown that PRF can dramatically reduce the chances of a dry socket and treat a dry socket that has already happened by reducing pain with little need for pain-relieving drugs.


Perfect For Implants Too

Another important use for PRF is in enhancing the stability of the dental implants we perform and encouraging integration with surrounding bone. A dental implant is intended to work like a tooth root so a crown can be placed on it. But in many cases, there is bone loss before the patient comes for an implant, meaning that there may not be a good foundation on which the implant can be placed.

Research has shown that as many as 75 percent of patients who have PRF therapy have superior outcomes because of the use of fibrin during their dental implant procedure. Variables evaluated include bone regeneration, ridge dimension, osseointegration and soft tissue healing, all of which improved with PRF in these patients.

At Brighton Dental, we’re pleased to offer PRF to surgical patients who need it. At our holistic, biocompatible dental practice in San Diego, we believe it fits perfectly with our way of doing things because it supports your body’s own healing abilities and contains nothing that could make things worse. Please ask us if PRF therapy could benefit you after your extraction, implant or other surgical procedure.