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AKP Removable Partial Dentures

Metal-Free Removable Partial Dentures

Having A Partial Denture Doesn’t Mean Having A Mouth Full Of Metal Anymore

If you’re looking for a smart, high-quality alternative to a metal partial, we can help. At Bright Dental in San Diego, we offer remarkable Ultaire AKP removable partial dentures, made of a special polymer that’s durable, better-looking than metal and totally safe to have in your mouth.

This type of advanced aryl ketone polymer (AKP) partial denture is designed for situations when a rigid metal partial is too stiff while a traditional polymer frame is too flexible. And this material has the advantage of being a biocompatible alternative to metal. When you select a custom-made Ultaire AKP partial, there’s no concern about allergic reactions, toxicity or funny tastes.



Getting To Know AKP Partial Dentures

There’s no downside to choosing an AKP partial denture over a metal partial. An Ultaire AKP removable partial is lightweight, comfortable and more aesthetically pleasing than a partial on a metal framework – and it’s fully biocompatible too.

Some specific benefits you will enjoy include: 

         Exceptional comfort and beauty

         Greater satisfaction than with a metal partial

         Fewer fitting sessions than with some other options

         Potential for less bone loss because of the expert fit

         Up to 60 percent lighter in weight than metal

         No metal clasps that may be visible with metal-frame partials

         Not corrosive, toxic or irritating

         No taste of metal in your mouth

         Biologically compatible and in line with the Brighton Dental holistic approach to dentistry

         And more.


A Polymer With The Strength To Replace Metal

With normal use, an Ultaire AKP removable partial can last a decade or more – a full 10 years of beauty, proper chewing and comfortable eating. This option can withstand 148 megapascals of force or more than 21,000 pound-force per square inch. Those numbers mean these remarkable all-polymer partials perform significantly better than denture base minimum requirements. Plus, the excellent comfort means you’re more likely to wear the device as recommended by Dr. Woods, increasing your overall dental and oral health.

Somewhat less rigid than a metal-based denture, an Ultaire AKP partial isn’t a traditional flexible partial either. Traditional dentures without metal can be flimsy and too flexible because they have little support. But this option is strong enough to be supported by the teeth around it but less rigid than metal – so it fits and performs better.


Don’t Put Metal In Your Mouth

If you have a partial with a metal base, there’s no need to panic. Millions of people have used metal-containing partials successfully and without harmful effects for decades. But the metal framework of a traditional partial may include chromium, nickel and cobalt. As a biocompatible dental clinic, we would rather patients not have these potentially harmful metals in their mouths.

Until recently, however, there have been few alternatives. Traditional flexible partials are fine for limited, temporary use, but they are generally not strong enough for long-term use. Plus, they bend and flex unless well supported, meaning they don’t work well if there is very little soft tissue or bone beneath to support them.

Ultaire AKP removable partial dentures are custom-made in a laboratory to fit perfectly and look and feel better than metal-metal supported partials. That means they’re better than other flexible products and superior to metal too. Isn’t it time to move up to a metal-free removable partial – or get started with one and avoid ever having to deal with an ugly, ill-fitting partial?

Contact Brighton Dental in San Diego now to learn more about a custom-designed Ultaire AKP removal partial. It’s a modern option that’s better than any choice we had in the past.