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VA Dentistry

Brighton Dental: Now Serving Veterans!

va dental patient familyAt Brighton Dental San Diego, we are dedicated to providing high-quality dental services to the community in Mission Valley and surrounding areas. With this in mind, we have decided to partner with the VA and expand our services to cover veterans that are part of the VA dental program. The men and women of the armed forces have served us with honor and distinction, and we are proud to now be part of the VA approved dentist program.

At Brighton Dental you can come in for an assessment with our VA approved dentists and receive not just a diagnosis but also treatment on that very same day. We also pride ourselves on using only the best treatments and latest equipment for all of our patients (both ordinary citizens and VA members), so that we can give everyone truly aesthetically pleasing, effective dental treatments.

At Brighton, our friendly and caring VA dentist, Dr. Paige Woods, is truly dedicated to the welfare of all her patients and strives to give them excellent dental treatments to promote their overall oral health.

Some of the primary services and treatments our VA dental patients receive:

l  Digital x-rays and diagnostic lasers: With our equipment we can thoroughly scan and diagnose your dental situation and come up with a plan for how to proceed according to your unique oral needs.

l  Restorations: If you need a filling or an implant to restore the structure and functionality of one or more of your teeth, we can help.

l  Biocompatible materials (mercury free and non-metallic) for bridges, crowns, onlays and fillings: we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality oral care, and as such we use only safe and reliable materials in our bridges, crowns, fillings, and onlays. You won’t have to worry about potentially harmful amalgam fillings at Brighton Dental; we use only the best biocompatible materials.

l  Oral-Conscious Sedation: Instead of using painful injections to keep your session relaxed and pain-free, we use oral-conscious sedation methods instead (which involve taking oral medication to help you relax for your dental treatment).

l  Check-up/Exam: If all you want is to find out how your teeth are doing, we can do that as well with a quick and easy oral exam.

l  General Cleaning: We can help to clean up your teeth, removing any harmful plaque and helping to prevent cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal disease.


While the above services are some of our most common VA dental treatments, we also offer the following:

l  Intraoral Digital Radiography

l  Sealants

l  Panorex

l  Periodontal Treatment

l  Gingivectomy

l  Periodontal Scaling and Root Planning

l  Bone Graft

l  Osseous Surgery

l  Gingival Flap Procedure

l  Porcelain Crowns

l  Porcelain Onlays

l  Porcelain-Fused Metal Crowns

l  All Porcelain Bridges

l  Tooth-Colored Fillings

l  Bonding

l  Porcelain Bridges

l  Orthodontics

l  Oral Surgery

l  Crown Lengthening

l  Wisdom Tooth Extraction

l  Simple and Surgical Extractions

l  Emergency Extractions

l  Custom Appliances/Nightguards


As you can see, we truly offer a wide variety of VA dental services, including many painless dental and oral care treatments. We are dedicated to giving our Vets a great oral care experience, so we avoid using toxic materials as well as focusing on beautiful dental work.

If you are looking for a friendly and skilled VA dentist in the Mission Valley area, we encourage you to call us at (619) 540-5100 to make an appointment with Dr. Woods. (prior authorization can be obtained from the VA Dental Center at (858) 552-7525)