Fixing Crooked Teeth With Veneers


With Veneers

A smile is universally understood as an expression of happiness, warmth and even love. If you are so unhappy with the appearance of your teeth that you feel compelled to force yourself not to smile, you are shutting down a vital communication tool. Dr. Woods is able to fix crooked teeth with veneers.

No doubt you’ve experienced a situation where a smile said more than words ever could. Why deprive yourself of this powerful, elemental form of expression?

Self Confidence and Your Smile

Fortunately for all of us, the field of dentistry has made great advances in both dental health and cosmetic procedures. A smile filled with straight, even teeth seems to have become the norm. It can be a factor in your self-confidence in the professional world, and if you are sufficiently embarrassed about the appearance of your smile, you may project an image of being withdrawn or shy, even when you are generally comfortable.

Beyond this, the countless images that rain down upon us from the worlds of television, advertising and movies can serve as ongoing reminders of a standard that you would like to meet – but cannot. You don’t have to go on living with this problem - Dr. Woods can use veneers to fix crooked teeth.

Veneers for Crooked Teeth: Solving Your Smile

If you are embarrassed because your teeth are crooked, or because of gaps between your teeth, you may believe that braces are your only solution. Depending on your age, braces may be yet another source of embarrassment, one that you might have to endure for years. They also require special care and come with dietary restrictions and some degree of pain.

However, there may be another option for you, one that can be accomplished in a single procedure, not over a period of years: porcelain veneers for fixing crooked teeth.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are thin shells made of porcelain that can be attached to the front surface of a tooth. You are probably familiar with veneers used to create whiter teeth. They can also be used to make the size and shape of teeth more regular and symmetrical. For some patients, veneers are the perfect way to repair chips, gaps, and uneven teeth.

Straightening Teeth with Veneers

Can veneers alone be used to straighten your teeth? The answer to this question can only come through a consultation with a highly-skilled dentist, preferably one certified in cosmetic dentistry.

It’s possible that braces or other strategies may be needed if your teeth are very crooked, or if there are functional problems with your teeth that are preventing them from accomplishing the role they are supposed to play in consuming food. If your bite needs correction, the problem is more than can be accomplished by veneers, and un-addressed, the issue can affect both your appearance and your long-term health.

However, if these your bite is not the problem, you may well be able to achieve the smile you want with veneers alone if:

  • Your teeth are generally in good shape.
  • Your bite is healthy.
  • Your issues with gaps between teeth or tooth alignment are not severe.
  • You have a tooth (or more than one tooth) that is set back from the others.
  • You would like to address the fact that a tooth or tooth appears more prominent than the others, marring your smile.

The variations in factors such as the above are virtually infinite. Again, a final determination regarding whether veneers can repair them will only come through an extensive examination and a discussion with you regarding your aesthetic goals. Dr. Woods deep


experience will serve you very well throughout this process.

Advantages of Veneers

If you are eligible for straightening with veneers, this approach has several advantages:

  • You can achieve your cosmetic goal in a matter of days, not months or years.
  • The procedure requires only local anesthetic, and possibly no anesthetic at all.
  • The results are long-lasting. Veneers have a life of 10-15 years.
  • You may not need to move a tooth to create a more even, attractive smile.

Creating Your New Smile: The Steps

The first step in the process is to obtain a clear picture of how you want your new smile to appear. This is a vital step, as only you know exactly what you’re hoping to achieve. The success of the entire process depends on developing a customized treatment plan.

Bringing your ideal smile to life can be approached through techniques including computer simulations or wax models. Temporary bonding can be applied to your teeth to give you a better idea how your smile will look if certain changes are made.

When this is established, the next step is to make a model of your teeth that can be used to form the veneers. Before the model is made, the dentist may remove a small amount of enamel from your teeth to prevent your tooth from having an unnaturally bulky appearance once the veneer has been applied. (This is not necessary in every case.)

Now the model is made either with a dental product or a digital imaging system. The model will be sent to a dental lab, which will make the veneers. This can take a week or two. During this time your teeth will have temporary acrylic veneers. When your custom porcelain veneers are ready, the temporary acrylic versions are removed, and your custom veneers put in place.

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist

This process obviously involves sophisticated technology, but it is important to remember that when cosmetic procedures are involved, the artistry of the physician is vital. You’re not fixing a computer or patching a tire – you’re creating a work of art that will live in your mouth every day of your life.

Patients who find their way Dr. Paige Woods in San Diego will discover that they are in the care of a highly-skilled cosmetic artist, a professional with tremendous experience, and a true pioneer in the cosmetic dentistry field.

Why Dr. Paige Woods?

An esteemed graduate of the Loma Linda School of Dentistry, Dr. Woods has been recognized as one of San Diego’s top dentists in her field and thousands of San Diegans have come to Dr. Woods to benefit from the cosmetic services that she offers. They have included local celebrities, models and prominent figures from the world of business.

You can benefit from the same standard of care, compassionate care, and mastery of the dental arts that has brought improved self-confidence and happiness to countless numbers of patients.