The Holistic Approach

Dr. Woods is one of the best holistic dentists in Southern California. Holistic dentistry, sometimes referred to biological dentistry or bio-compatible dentistry, is a comprehensive approach to dental care which considers the patient’s dental health in the context of their overall health. This is especially critical for patients that face life-changing illnesses like cancer, auto immune diseases, and lime disease. Our holistic dental team looks at the entire body and medical needs of our patients to administer a holistic dental treatment, rather than just treating them as a set of teeth and jaws.

Dr. Paige Woods is passionate about using the principles of holistic dentistry to avoid the destructive effects of dental infections and dental diseases, which can spread throughout the entire body. She helps her patients understand and avoid mercury (amalgam) fillings. Given the toxicity of amalgam, Brighton Dental only uses natural-looking bonded materials. 

Our team focuses on using natural products with minimal chemicals to provide the best standard of care and ensure both a healthy environment and long-lasting results.

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