Laser dentistry, truly holistic care meets powerful tools to bring out your smile’s healthy best

Our office is defined by a comfortable environment that feels like “home” and a dental team that feels like family. Brighton Dental has also invested in an array of state-of-the-art technologies. Together, these attributes present a powerful combination for our patients in San Diego, Carlsbad, and our corner of Southern California. In fact, capabilities like laser dentistry help us to do what we do best: holistically, comfortably, precisely, safely, and efficiently maintain, restore, and sustain the beauty and health of your smile. And, when your teeth and gums are healthy, you can bring your best “self” to work, home, play, and other spheres of your life! 

Shedding light on laser-assisted dental care

There are many different laser devices and systems available to medical practitioners, including dentists, today. All of these devices, however, are based on the same general principles. When in the skilled and knowledgeable hands of doctors like our own Dr. Paige Woods, the laser is directed in a highly targeted manner toward the treatment site. This device emits a focused, high-intensity laser beam to the site. The energy associated with this process may be used to do everything from shaping and removing damaged tissues to eradicating disease-causing germs. They are widely recognized as a gentle, predictable, tissue-preserving, fast, and healing alternative to surgical cutting instruments and procedures. Since lasers promote optimal treatment outcomes and an optimal experience at our office, they are a perfect fit with the range of other holistic dentistry services available at Brighton Dental. 

After accurately pinpointing the nature and extent of any problems or needs that may be present, Dr. Woods may use laser dentistry to: 

  • Disinfect your mouth. As a cleaning tool, lasers may be applied to painlessly and precisely penetrate the gum tissues, removing harmful bacteria and halting the progression of periodontal disease. We can also use these devices to recontour the gums, giving you a fast, low-risk smile boost! 

As noted, dental lasers do not exist in isolation. As a true holistic provider, laser devices are among a full suite of biocompatible, gentle, and clinically-proven tools, materials, and services available to bring out the healthy, attractive best in your smile – from dental ozone to protocols that minimize mercury exposure during the removal of silver-colored, amalgam fillings. Call us today at (619) 831-8559. Our team in San Diego, CA, welcomes your questions and looks forward to working with you!