Amalgam Removal

Mercury is poison, plain and simple!

How do we safely remove your old amalgam fillings? We have a dedicated amalgam removal room equipped with a HEPA toxic gas recovery system. We use a positive pressure nose hood to ensure that no mercury gasses are inhaled.

Next, we provide a protective rubber barrier dam to separate the tooth being worked on from the rest of the mouth. Then, we use homeopathic charcoal tablets to help the body extract any toxins that are inhaled or swallowed.

Finally, we use a specialized drill to remove the amalgam in large pieces rather than grind it into a dust. This helps reduce fine particles from becoming aerosols. We then sterilize the tooth using ozone and then restore the tooth using non-toxic and biocompatible materials. 

photo of the Mercury Amalgam removal process at Brighton Dental

The Safe removal of Mercury Amalgam fillings

Are your old Mercury Fillings slowly poisoning you?

Dr. Paige Woods explains Safe Amalgam Removal

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