For many patients, a crooked smile can be both an oral health issue and a cosmetic insecurity, which is why orthodontics has become such a popular treatment option. A patient can straighten their teeth to get their ideal smile in a relatively short period of time without a lot of hassle. 

The ease of orthodontic treatment was taken one step further when clear aligners became a common option. With these, a patient doesn’t have to deal with all of the metal brackets and wires that come with traditional braces. 

Instead, they get to enjoy all of the Invisalign benefits while they work their way toward a perfect, radiant smile! 

1. Limited Visual Impact

Obviously, one of the biggest benefits of going with Invisalign treatment is that they have a very low visual impact. From far away (and even close up) no one will even be able to tell you to have the aligners in and are straightening your teeth. 

This is especially important for the many adults who are looking for a straighter smile without feeling too juvenile. 

2. Improved Oral Health

Teeth straightening is often thought to be a purely cosmetic endeavor. But it actually has a huge impact on oral health and hygiene as well! Having straighter teeth makes it much easier for your teeth to stay strong and healthy because they aren’t rubbing up against each other and can be fully cleaned. 

Investing in straighter teeth means you’ll be less likely to need other drastic dental treatments in the future. 

3. Simple Teeth Maintenance

One downside to traditional braces is how difficult it can be to keep your teeth properly cleaned while the appliance is installed. Food easily gets caught in the wires and brakes but isn’t as easy to remove. This lingering can cause cavities, decay, and discoloration if you’re not careful. 

Having clear aligners completely eliminates all of those problems. Instead, you can remove them to eat and then brush and floss your teeth fully before replacing them again. 

In fact, your teeth may be healthier after Invisalign from all the added brushing you’ll be doing! 

4. Impressive Results 

Many put off seeking orthodontic treatment because they worry they won’t be able to get the results they desire. Invisalign treatment is known for the impressive results that can be achieved by correcting alignment issues within the teeth. 

Invisalign Benefits for a Better Smile 

Once you know and understand the Invisalign benefits, it’s easy to see why so many people have chosen this route to get a straight smile. They can have all of the improved teeth alignment without all of the hassles that traditional orthodontics can sometimes bring. 

And the best part is, your holistic dentist can take care of these treatments right in their office where you get all of your other dental work done!

Our team has helped many patients get the smile of their dreams and improve their overall confidence and health using Invisalign aligners. If you’re interested in seeing what this San Diego Dentist can do for you, contact us today!